The most important thing I have learned in my life is that everything is connected, we are all one and connection is what creates life, keeps things whole and healthy.. keeps feed back loops in place … enables co evolution, wholeness and strength.

If we disconnect things we lose strength integrity health… happiness …we lose life …. as we know it.

There are many implications in that for seeds…..

Seeds are actually our connection with life, if we eat food grown from seeds that are connected.. heritage seeds connected to our ancestors our DNA our environment.. our DNA is able to express powerfully, we will be strong healthy, able to connect with the universe in and each other and be an effective part of the process of co evolution creating wholeness and peace….

Seeds need to be grown in a biological way …. there are microbes to connect the growth process and create strong plants which means they have the strength to connect to the universe draw in more of they need

Seeds need to be loved