Bio Intensive Growing

If you are serious about growing the most food in the smallest space in the least amount of time, .. ie in the most efficient way….and you are serious about using the least amount of energy in every way, less water, less fertiliser, less fossil fuels etc etc, if you are serious about wanting to be growing soil as well as food.. key to sustainability (let alone regeneration which is the new bottom line), then the Biointensive strategy wins hands down.

“Every time I thought I could do it better I found out why John Jeavons did it this way” says Kay , after almost 30 years of practicing and learning to perfect this system, which has had 40 years of a systems analyst mind creating and perfecting it already.…” I’m more and more convinced it is the best model we have to build on”. It is a whole systems approach, where one must address all aspects together, we can’t take parts of this and expect it to work. Another great thing about it is that almost anybody can do it anywhere on earth, with virtually no resources to begin with, it was designed to be like this.

This approach includes

  1. Using heritage open pollinated seeds
  2. Growing top quality seedlings
  3. Close plant spacing
  4. Deep bed preparation
  5. Growing of carbon crops for compost making and making ones own compost from these ingredients

John Jeavons built on the work of the well known ancient cultures that  knew how to grow soil and so also grew great civilisations, as well as the work of great English master gardener Alan Chadwick who, among other things, studied very efficient French Market gardening systems in detail. John Jeavons then developed this system and has written about it in his two best sellers ‘The Sustainable Home Garden’ and ‘How to Grow the Most vegetables in the smallest area possible’.

Kay Baxter has included Biointensive instructions throughout all of her publications including The Koanga Garden Guide, The Beginner Gardener Booklet, The Art of Composting Booklet and  The Koanga Garden Planner.

Here at Koanga we teach a Biointensive Growing workshop each Spring and we run all of our seed gardens following this system, with the added benefit of Biological Agriculture, sitting within Permaculture framework.