Biointensive Growing

The Biointensive method has been developed to maximise yield from minimal space. It is the most efficient way to grow vegetables, and the results are amazing. We use these methods at Koanga, and encourage others to do the same.

The Biointensive method can be inclusive and incorporate the principles of organic, biodynamic and biological agricultural practices, and gives them a structure so that the home garden can be managed for maximum efficiency and yield. Biointensive Growing is a system that has been developed by John Jeavons after over 30 years of studying the ancient agriculture systems that actually grew soil, and great civilizations. He has used that knowledge together with his own extensive research to put together the Biointensive system, which is about growing the most amount of food in the smallest area for the least amount of energy used (and water), in a sustainable way that is easy for everybody.

More about Biointensive Growing

Growing tips  We have compiled growing tips for most crop types to help you get the best out of your garden.

We are often asked about grain growing and about how to harvest grains. Here Kay talks about growing and harvesting buckwheat using the same method we use to harvest all grains except maize

Growing those additional staple crops that really contribute to self reliance and food security is really important and it amazing what can be produced from a relatively small area using biointensive growing methods.

The videos below show what can be produced in a relatively small area.