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Forest Garden Database

At the bottom of this page you can find a downloadable file of the full version of the database we have created and use here at Koanga.
This database was mainly created by Raleigh Latham, an intern, during the 2012 spring internship, it was edited and managed by Kay Baxter and Shaked From later on, and still does.
This is a living document, its free for everyone to use and share freely, and it will change and grow together with us.
It is possible that you will find some mistakes in the database, please let us know about them through email to Shaked – [email protected]

some time, soon enough, I hope, a better database will be published.
At the 2013 food forest hui, a group of food forest enthusiasts took the challenge of creating a national forest garden database, that will be online open source document, that means that anyone could add to it and use it.
We have already connected several databases (the Koanga one is one of them) and now there is some editing to be done on it, and then a lot of work to make it available to everyone online…. hopefully soon.

Food Forest Database for website