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Lactic Ferment Beetroot Pickle

lactic pickled beetroot31.1.10 005_1

What are Vegetable Lactic Pickles?

Lactic Fermentation refers to Lactobacillus bacteria which are present on the surface of all plants. They convert sugars into lactic acid which is a natural preservative. If you’re living without a fridge to cut down on costs then this is quite important and you’ll love ferments once you get started! It’s essential food security and a great way to store food.

Almost all traditional cultures in the world ate their main meals with side dishes of lactic vegetable pickles in some form, and even today millions of people around the world still do. These lactic pickles are not not only a wonderful digestive aid, but also add much flavour to your meal, going together perfectly. It’s not only a digestive aid but the food becomes much more nutritious because the actions of the anaerobic microbes unlock more minerals than our digestive system with it’s aerobic microbes are able to do. So fermented cabbage is more nutritious than a raw cabbage and much easier to digest. If you are a person who has indigestion on a regular basis, then take a little sauerkraut juice before dinner every night, it is wonderful stuff!



1 Liter wide-mouthed jars
1 tsp sea salt per jar
1 tsp mustard seeds per jar
1 heaped tsp honey per jar
2-4 tsp whey per jar
brine (1 Tbsp of sea salt for each cup of filtered water)


  1. Cut the tops off your beetroot and scrub, ready to bake with the skin on. Bake until the flesh is soft but firm. Remove from the oven and when cooled slip the skins off the beetroot.
  2. Cut the beetroot into 1cm cubes and place into jars (Agee bottling jars etc.). Pound the cubes a little to make sure they are packed tightly into the jar and the juice is beginning to be released.
  3. Add salt, mustard seeds, honey, whey and enough brine to cover2cm over the top of the beetroot. Leave in a warm place for 3 days, then put into fridge for 4 weeks before eating.

If you like this recipe check out Change of Heart which is the book it’s published in. Plenty more lactic ferments to discover in there too!


Recommended_Seeds_Beetroot_Bulls_Blood Recommended_Seeds_Beetroot_Golden Recommended_Books_Change_Of_Heart

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Kirsten’s Creme Brûlée



2 1/2 cups raw organic heavy cream
1 teaspoon organic vanilla seeds or scrape 1 pod
6 large organic egg yolks
2 teaspoon fine ground dried organic stevia leaves
1 Tablespoons local single source honey

~2 teaspoons coconut palm sugar or organic raw sugar for brûlée topping

A Note about Stevia:

The stevia used in this recipe was grown in our herb garden, picked and dried in the solar dryer, then finely ground. If you don’t have any stevia we would recommend buying a stevia plant and put this recipe on hold until you have an abundance growing fresh in your garden. If you choose to buy it please do your own research to find something with minimal processing. Stevia powder should be green not white.



  1. Preheat oven to 150C. Make sure the is a rack at least 1/2 the way up from the bottom. Choose a roasting pan big enough to hold your 4 six-ounce ramekins and fill with enough hot water to go halfway up the cups. Place the pan in the oven, without the cups to keep water hot. Or use a slow cooker on high.
  2. Place cream, vanilla, stevia and honey in a saucepan and warm but do not boil.
  3. Whisk the egg yolks. Slowly whisk in the hot cream mixture while straining the larger particles of stevia out.  Pour mixture into cups and place them into the pan of water. Bake 30 – 40 minutes until custard is set and is no longer liquid when lightly touched in the centre. It may crackle under your finger but as long as your finger is not breaking through to liquid, it should be cooked. Remove from oven, and cool then place in fridge.
  4. When cool, Sprinkle a little (1/2 tsp each cup) coconut palm sugar or organic raw sugar on top of each ramekin. Flame tops till golden brown.
  5. Serve!
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Kay’s Eggplant, Oil, Tomato Pickle Recipe

20.02.08 009

We can speak from vast experience that this is AMAZING!!! She makes it then just add’s it to her fresh baked beans and BAM! Amazingness! It’s also perfect with scrambled eggs for a quick and easy lunch!

Eggplant pepper tomato oil pickle

2kgs eggplants, any kind
1kg onions, any kind
1 kg peppers (any kind, if they are hot the sauce will be hot)
2 kgs fresh tomatoes
2 bulbs of fresh garlic
unrefined seasalt to taste
1 tablespoon ground cumin
1 Tbsp black mustard seeds
1 Tbsp turmeric powder
1/2 litre olive oil

Char eggplants, peppers, onions on the BBQ (ours is a rocket stove BBQ)until soft. Remove and when cool peel off charred skins. Chop into chunks, then ¼ tomatoes, removing hard cores. Finely chop garlic.

Add oil to wok, the garlic and soften, then add cumin, and mustard seeds, cook 2 minutes then then add all ingredients except tumeric, and gently simmer until all the runny liquid is gone and it is a thick consistency.. add turmeric stir while gently cooking 5 more minutes. .

Pour into small hot jars with hot lids ready and seal.



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Land Appeal Thank You

A huge thank you to all those who contributed to our Land Appeal in 2014. We have secured the land that The Koanga Institute is on and we’re working with The Community Land Trust Model as a way forward. To find out more about the development of Kotare Village check out our website.

Jan Thomson, cyril b wright, G J Dillon, vivien maidaborn, MJ Wilshier, Miguel Varella-Cid, Carine Sottaiux, Anna M Fairley, Rob Fenwick, Joanna K Fadyl, C H Livesey, B. J. Wylie-van Eerd, C M PRIDDLE, Christina Robertson, Linda Tate, Margaret Gray, Shannon Duffey, Y Steinemann, V A Grbic, P W Clark, Michael Brosnan, Jason A Elsworth, Taggart G. Siegel, L J Foster, A K Read, Andrew C Turner, Leila Adu-Gilmore, L L Gilmore, N C MAY, G E McPherson, L Fitzgerald, Mrs Ify Sazali, catherine hallinan, K A Marshall, D M Thomson, BD STRATHDEE, BJ BELTON, m p Brenndorfer, Polli C. Oliver, J L Andersen, K J O’BRIEN, Russell Golding, Anthony S Cook, nicole caran, D A Wilson, Megan Louise Watson, christopher G milne, C E Ashford, Roger J Carter, I R Jefferis, Ewan Briggs, Kathryn M Kelly, k j ward, Daniel R Kubler, M V Ruedi, T W L Phua, Elizabeth J Potter, Melissa J Olsen, m i james, D M Anderson, Linda Jensen, Christopher Morrison, Kathryn M Tominey, Sandro Cardinali, Patricia Scott, B McLean, K N Taylor, Lucy Graydon, Susan Rae, Edward J Shanly, C J WILDERMOTH, T Barrie, A M Cox, M J lawn, Maureen eberhard, Mary L Dempsey, L R Knowles, MR ANTHONY J JEE, M C Crosbee, ALICE MCKAY, B Kivi, Raquel M Thomas, JA Williams, M B LITTLE, A L Heddle, Lucy Herron, A L Brown, David A Stewart, Mr J Bekker, Kaila J Colbin, Kimberley E Cleland, Debbie Waldin, K.H Cederman, Maxine L Shea, M C Gilbert, t mackenzie, T K BAILIE, A J Roberts, J W BUSHNELL, T E Moon, Sinead kelly, E A Thomson, Ms Rebecca J Wilson, raven boss, L Henry, Sally Pearce, S J Hollis, Susan E Leslie, Sarah Dawne Harder, Viviana V Becker, R M ELLIOTT, D MCNEILL, Aaron R Craelius, Silas B Horsley, Gina Trengrove, cwh beekhuis, Isla R Wilson, Michael McGreevy, Glen D Real, A P G BUDD, Judith Chhoeur, Kate Lang, susie mcdermott, Belinda Crayford, J A HANSON, Angela S Graveline, GLENN SHANNON-KETT,Vaughan Poutawera, Catherine R Leiningms jacquelin a fleet, Mr Thomas Oliver Morey, Melanie Chick, ms jacquelin a fleet, T VAN RUTH, Jane Henley, steve deakin, N P Dickson, k f worrall, Eunice M Algie, K M Williman, R A Burgess, Cedric Perez Rincon, Ms Susanna Ferrar, Kelly A Smith, Danielle Linder, Anita Smith, Melanie Smith, Sophie Belton, P A Bouchet, Joshua d Howell, Soenke Struve, Amy Browne, mark ainsworth, gillian i moore, Peter Lindsay Sandin, Mary Lowe, A H DAAMEN, Sandra Garrett, Starlight Organics, Andrew Alcorn, M Reinfelds, Amandine Monsaingeon, Elizabeth Chesney, stephanie isobel bain, Karen E Neame, C S Kronfeld, Jonathan Garlick, Gregory Bell, massimiliano miatton, f j foreman, NATHALIE L LAURENCE, CMB Toner, Andreas D Leonardsen, JA Greenwood, Andrew Murray, Emma Wallace, EDWARD B HARRIS, B E Cole, Judith C. Sookne, Linda L Rosenthal, Wendy Brown, Friederike Chur, Kerry L Rodgers, M Heden Walker, Eleanor M Gibson, Joanne Sharp, R J Swan, SUSAN C SMITH, Kerry J Wilson, M Neuhauser, Catherine Dowling, K L Barber, Hannah Leary, Kristen Dalziel, DINO KUDRASS, DAVID CULLEN WALMSLEY, Judith M Elliot, L W CARPENTER, agnieszka m witkowski, Aaron R Craelius, P ASHWELL, AINSLEY A GARDINER, Amanda Moritmer, Barbara Folkard, S m ogg, R C Pearce, ANDREW KINGSTON, Megan Lattie, WENDY M TIE, M J SCHAUMANN, Astrid Abel, C M Sherrington, Katrina de la Torre, Janine Taylor, Cheryl A Noble, h tatton, R L Crisford, Karla Upton, J L STEVENSON, Rachel A Ryan, jane cunningham, S L Graydon, Lisa J Norriss, The Game Keeper Bridget Vennin, Chris Wadsworth, Angela Wither, Toni Leanne Gordon, N A Stewart, Ariane Bourneville, Daniel Hawthorn, Chelsea North, Y Waho, Heiner Tholen, C E VAN DIGGELE, G S WITHELL, Sue A Goodrick, Jane Cronin, Robert Lowe, Judy A Newton, A Temple,A Paterson, brendan cameron, MISS LISA CRAIG, Meredith R McGrath, Ms Patricia A McNulty, A I M Taylor, Fredd Marshall, Kelly Spencer, HVWilson, E J Callander, Y L Wierzbicki, j m blomfield, Linda K Light, ANNA FRANCIS, CAFIELD-DODGSON, Rosemary A St John, Jules Bright, Johanne Helene Royer, S P Oscar, J Webby, PS Kirkland-Smith, PJP THOMAS, Grant Best, Miriam Marler, Melanie K Graham, T A Wogan, DS Wood, M D JANISCH-LAWRY, Rose Hoare, Martin Hanson, Stephanie Creasy, Helen M Waddington, A C Moon, Emily Bennett, M A Wilkinson, Ms Kim Fenwick, Jan Thomas, D.G. 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Thank you to all our urban garden contributors!

We are delighted that we made our goal of raising $19,000 to go towards our Urban Garden Research Project. Every single person who donated has made this possible and we are very grateful!

We had an amazing donation of over $10,000 which was our major sponsor for the urban garden. We are still trying to get in touch with him to let him know how much this means to us –  a huge thanks goes out to him!

Thank You to all those who wish to remain anonymous and those listed below:

A E CREEL, Natalia Kim, T Rapata, jeannine fraser, Felicity G Day, Km david, Lynette McManemin, PL Edmond, jill Newman, B L Winstone, Ingrid M Perols, Frances Potter, C keen, Anthony Weddle, Peter LIndsay Sandin, J M Booth, HUANYU WANG, E L Valentine, L K Tahuri, michael o’connor, T M James, Kellie J Deakin, GW IKIN, B M Thomas, Suzanne Orchard, Allison Mitchell, s l colquhoun, Margaret Colmore, Merryn Bayliss, Kathleen G Irwin, Weta Holdings, Jonathan Hurst, Arnold van Wakeren, J V STILES, shaye boddington, m e groufsky, L. M. Miles, N L MECHEN, S M Kennedy, M F Soper, Jon Carapiet, J P G TAMIHANA-BRYCE, Alison J McLeish, J n McLean, S A CORBETT, E M Ludwig, Kate Boocock, Robin E Barclay, V E Moon, maleta l knight, Marcel Allen, I H YOUNG, aw coldicott, BARBARA A JONES, M J Sole, C P McMorran, STEPHEN MCLUCKIE, Caroline Robinson, S Young, M A LIPPA, Victoria L Allain, Jared Toa Wood, NICHOLAS WHIU, P J EXTON, Emily Auton, PL Edmond, L M Matthews, B R CARTMELL, Sarah Watkeys, CMB Toner, B J T Blundell, A P Kozlowski, Hutch E Wilco, JULIET MCARA, E G Peehikuru, M L Chick, Alison Strong, s marler, charles pierard, W Nikora, R I Riley, D M Anderson, A J OBrien, MR BILLY T ROY and N R Blennerhassett.

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Kay’s Garden March 2015

I’m too busy to write anything, overwhelmed with preserving fruit, drying stevia and rock melons and perilla, making miles of pesto, with basil, garlic, olive oil and pumpkin seeds, making loads of eggplant oil pickle, harvesting honey, putting chickens in the freezer (my new season chickens are already laying, the earliest I’ve ever had and the best grown chickens, all that curds, comfrey chicken minerals and alfalfa I think), charring and fermenting peppers, making hot chilli sauce (by fermentation). Cleaning Austrian hulless pumpkin seed for storing, cleaning the Essene flax seed, huge crops of both this year, I love it but I’m exhausted!…all the recipes are in Change of Heart.

Actually most critically I’m also getting the winter garden in…. hope you are too Arohanui Kay

PS and we’re excited about all the new fruit coming on, it takes a while to get fruit trees fruiting going and this is year 4 here now, the fruit trees have been in for 3 years and right now I’m loving the Batley peaches and the Hyndemans figs, both of them outstanding cultivars….

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Top 10 Winter Greens


  1. Brussels Sprouts NZH……. One of the most nutritious and tasty brassicas along with collards, kale and purple sprouting broccoli
  2. Kale Borecole NZH…….. dark curley outstanding kale raw or cooked
  3. Purple Sprouting broccoliall parts edible outstanding flavor and nutrition
  4. Cornsalad NZH…. Outstanding raw winter green nutty taste easy to grow self seeds once established
  5. Endive Indivia Scarola NZH…. Another outstanding nutritious liver green that sits all winter, great addition to salads and all other cooked dishes, very mild flavor
  6. Cabbage January King… savoy type cabbage which are more nutritious than others excellent flavor sits well over winter purple and green excellent raw, cooked, or saurkraut
  7. Kale Asparagus NZH …….. a kale that came to this land with our early Scottish forebears, it is the same kale as the old one also called Pentland Brig. Leaves are lighter green than Borecole and have wavy rather than frilly edges
  8. Miner’s lettuce NZH.. raw salad green, self seeds and grows wild, no problem, excellent refreshing winter flavour
  9. Celery Nutty NZH…. An outstanding flavoursome cultivar needs moisture and good soil health to do super well but is well worthy it for all raw and cooked dishes in winter
  10. Lettuce Winter NZH… the first New Zealand heritage vegetable in the Koanga collection, gifted by Mary Corker, outstanding, open, curley leaf, high nutrition lettuce ( possibly the ;lettuce with the highest nutrition) , sits all winter, great salad base
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Top 10 Autumn Greens


  1. Kale Red Russian……. Red green sweet delicious when well grown raw or cooked
  2. Dalmatian cabbage aka Collards NZH…. The least known super nutritious vegetables use raw cooked fermented all ways outstanding
  3. Nutribud broccoli…. Easy to grow reliable sprouting type broccoli, good soil will produce big heads with many sprouts following
  4. Dalmatian parsley NZH… the darkest green most nutritionally dense and best tasting parsley ever, came to NZ with the Gumdiggers
  5. Endive Red Rosso, NZH…….. mineral accumulators and slightly bitter liver herb, outstanding flavor and nutritional addition to all meals over winter Miner’s lettuce NZH
  6. Lettuce Devils Ear … stands in the summer heat to get to Autumn, red/magenta tips hearting tastes great easy to grow
  7. Red Coral Mizuna .. magenta colour, excellent salad green stems super tasty
  8. Odell’s lettuce NZH.. our very favourite lettuce of all time
  9. Henry Harrington’s Chinese cabbage NZH outstanding wide white ribbed chinese cabbage, great in Kin Chee, stir fries etc etc , super easy to grow
  10. Tatsoi always dark green and great in soup, or as stir fry vege, super easy to grow
  11. Coriander NZH outstanding nutritional health benefits plus great raw cooked and even the roots are wonderful in soups etc