Prepare and Cook Traditional Nutrient Dense Food (2 days)


Date:  21st – 22nd October, 2015
Location: Kotare Village, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
Tutor: Kay Baxter
Price: $320

What is a healthy balanced diet? There are so many conflicting messages, advocates for different eating philosophies and popular theories about what we should eat… it is confusing and difficult to even know where to start.

At Koanga we follow the principles of the Weston A Price foundation, who advocate following a “traditional” diet similar to one that our ancestors have evolved with. Weston Price studied cultures from all over the planet in the 1930s and 1940s, prior to the introduction of industrialized food production, and was able to study and document the health of people both before and after they adopted modern, “westernized” foods. In his book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” the effects of the new diet are obvious, with a rapid decline between generations. From his research, we can be guided by the principles that ALL traditional cultures followed.

Although indigenous people from around the planet had vastly different resources available to them, it is remarkable that each culture used the same principles, which can help us to form the basis of a healthy diet in modern times. We look at the essential relationship between the quality of our diet and its reflection in our overall health, and the health of our children.

In this 2 day workshop you’ll learn the principles of a traditional diet, based on principles documented by Weston A Price. We’ll have many practical demonstrations so you can become confident with techniques.

You’ll learn how important it is to stick to unrefined foods, and how to prepare them properly so that you maximise their nutritional content with traditional techniques. 

We’ll look at the basic requirements for nutrients, and discuss ideas for food choices that will work for your family. You will learn to understand the importance of choosing Nutrient Dense produce – which key minerals and vitamins our diets are lacking – and how do we get them!

Course Outline:

  • Preserving Foods using traditional methods – Lactic Fermentation, sugar free bottling, drying, salting and preserving in oil.
  • Proper preparation of grains to maximise nutrition – Soaking, sprouting and natural rising (sourdough baking).
  • Making your own cultured dairy products – Maximise the beneficial pro-biotics in home made yoghurts, kefir, cheese and other traditional delicious dairy products.
  • Preparation of meats and animal products – Learn to make healthy broths, cook with all different cuts of meat with bones, make offal delicious and not waste any part of the animal.
  • Understand which fats are healthy, and which ones to avoid…. Learn how to prepare and store the healthy ones yourself, and how you can integrate them into your diet. 

Learn how to create delicious and satisfying snacks and desserts without the use of refined sugar.
  • An introduction to the GAPS diet – a brief overview of the protocol and how it may benefit those suffering from a wide range of symptoms, from behavioral disorders to chronic fatigue…. with recipes and meal ideas.

This course is suitable for anyone who cares about their own health and the health of their family. It is particularly recommended for couples who are planning or have young children. All meals will be prepared using the principles of Weston A Price, using local organic produce. We’ll discuss options that will suit your situation – even low budget diets can be Nutrient Dense and Delicious!

Course Information:
This workshop will be held at the Koanga Institute, which is 20 minutes North East of Wairoa. Students are welcome to stay onsite if they bring their own tent / van, or alternative options are available in nearby Wairoa.

Recommended Reading 
Nourishing Traditions – Sally Fallon
Change of Heart – Kay Baxter & Bob Corker
Nutrition and Physical Den generation – Weston A Price
Wild Fermentation – Sandor Elix Katz
Deep Nutrition – Dr Catherine Shanahan

Course Notes:

For multi-day courses all meals are provided except for breakfast on the first day and dinner on the last. We will provide access campsites for tents or caravans, composting toilets, rocket stove powered showers, washing machine, a covered dining area, teaching space and lounge, wireless internet and our reference library.

All food will be locally sourced, organic, nutrient dense, traditional and delicious. It will be prepared following the principles of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Cancellation Policy: This workshop will be confirmed two weeks before it begins. If circumstances prevent the workshop from going ahead, enrollment fees will be refunded in full. Students who cancel their place at a workshop with more than two weeks notice will be given an 85% refund. Cancellations within two weeks of the course beginning can only be refunded 50% of the course fee. For cancellations with less than 48 hours, no refund can be given.