Traditional food storage

Date: 1-2 March 2014
Location: Kotare Village, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
Tutor:Kay Baxter, Tes Rae, Shaked From
Price: $154 ($137.50 Institute Members)
Early Bird Discounted Price: $140 ($125 Institute Members) until 3 weeks prior to the workshop. Book now!

Learning to make use of the abundance of Summer and Autumn foods to use throughout the year is an important skill is essential for anyone who wishes to grow their own food and/or eat locally. Learning to eat following the principles of traditional peoples as taught by the Weston Price Foundation is an exciting journey, and has been integrated into our work at the Institute, as we research ways to live simply and sustainably, without the use of electricity and expensive technology. Part of this journey is learning how to store food using simple methods without the use of refined sugar, or electricity (e.g. for freezing). This workshop follows on from the “Cooking and Preparing Nutrient Dense Food” workshop, but is recommended for anyone wishing to store food for use during the year, for maximum flavor and nutrition.

We’ll look at ways that our ancestors kept them selves healthy by using stored foods to get them through times of scarcity, and cover all traditional storage techniques such as lactic fermentation, cold storage, preserving in salt, oil, or vinegar and natural drying. You will have some surprises as you taste a range of our stored food. It will be a very exciting day with your boundaries being challenged in all directions! We have been developing these techniques for several years now, and will share our experiences and recipes with you.

Kay Baxter is a passionate traditional foods cook and teacher, she will share with you her secrets for preparing delicious foods that will nourish your and your family, and give you an understanding of the principles that underly this way of eating, selecting and thinking about food.

Course Notes: For one day courses morning and afternoon tea are provided and we ask that you bring your own lunch.

For multi-day courses all meals are provided except for breakfast on the first day and dinner on the last. We will provide access campsites for tents or caravans, composting toilets, rocket stove powered showers, washing machine, a covered dining area, teaching space and lounge, wireless internet and our reference library.

All food will be locally sourced, organic, nutrient dense, traditional and delicious. It will be prepared following the principles of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Cancellation Policy: This workshop will be confirmed two weeks before it begins. If circumstances prevent the workshop from going ahead, enrolment fees will be refunded in full. Students who cancel their place at a workshop with more than two weeks notice will be given an 85% refund. Cancellations within two weeks of the course beginning can only be refunded 50% of the course fee. For cancellations with less than 48 hours, no refund can be given.