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We had a wonderful group of like minded and kind hearted individuals here at the Koanga Institute for our Permaculture Design Course. They experienced being temporarily part of our Kotare Village, it was an amazing part of everyone’s own personal journeys. Below are all the written responses as everyone reflected upon their time here. If you’re interested in doing a PDC with us this will give you some good insight. 

“Having come here with absolutely no previous knowledge about gardening, farming or sustainable living, I am really surprised to feel confident after just two weeks, to go home, survey our plot of land and setup and design a food system which could feel me and my partner all year round”.
– Michael Aerni

“The PDC at Koanga has opened my eyes even further to the possibilities of living off the land in a re-generative way. I felt so touched how it opened everyone up to embrace a beautiful hopeful understanding of what we can achieve with the design process, and with an open heart. It has shown me lessons I shall never forget. I leave here full of gratefulness and with an inspired vision of how our futures can be. Protecting our seeds and reclaiming our right to live in a way that free’s our souls and allows us all to shine with our own unique talents. The sense of how a true community can be established living this way has filled me with visions. Thank you”.
– Susan Hickey

“The Koanga PDC was a very empowering experience for me. So many bits of knowledge have been pieced together to create a much clearer image of our whole world, and I feel capable of sharing that knowledge with others and acting on that knowledge to help move society to a more Earth-consious awareness. The class has demonstrated to me that we can progress toward a positive future if we have the skills and the knowledge, all we have to do is embrace it. I have learned the importance of reconnecting our food with the health of the environment and with our personal health. If we are going to nourish ourselves properly, we have to do it ourselves because the broken system of modern society can’t and won’t do it for us. Thank you Kay, Bob, Shaked, Tess and Michael for providing this experience and sharing your knowledge. Much love”.
– Caleb

“I found the whole experience very healing. It was definitely something very special and I’m glad to have shared in that. I think this will become one of those rare, milestone memories tucked away to guide my future steps. In this, I’ve walked away with so much more than I imagined”.
– Rianna

“I was in love with this place as soon as I arrived but unprepared for the fullness an richness of what I was about to receive. The passion, commitment and love with which you have shared your home and knowledge has been overwhelming and very humbling. The structure of the PDC has a well thought out balance of information and practical application, embracing all learning styles with enthusiasm and aroha. The sustenance and nourishment from Kay’s kitchen whole heartedly supporting this. This has been a wonderful beginning to a new journey for me for which I am deeply grateful. Kia ora tatou, arohanui”.
– Jenny


“Before attending the Koanga PDC I thought I knew what permaculture was. I was excited to learn more so that I could put permaculture in action once we find a place to live. Now I realise permaculture is so much more. For me now it is a way of living a way of connecting with life, with Gaia and the universe. To reconnect to our ancestral knowledge, to connect and care for our beautiful world so that we may keep alive within us what has nearly become extinct… I hope I can inspire others to fund their connection with their environment that will nurture them, their family, nurture their community and nurture this planet. It is essential for our survival. Thank you”.

– Yosine

“I have learned so much more that I expected. I love the whole atmosphere, the people, the food, the information. For me been immersed in the permaculture lifestyle was so inspiring. Thank you”.
– Michelle Griffiths

“What a brilliant course! I have come away from it with a method (that I have practiced) to design with permaculture principles. In addition, I have come away with such a diverse knowledge (appropriate technology, composting, bio-intensive, biological agriculture, epigenetic’s … the list goes on!), but more importantly, how these knowledge groups relate and link with each other; and the resources (notes, books, audio, visual) become a reference library for me! It delivered more than I though possible in two weeks. I am excited about finding some land and using this new found knowledge to design my own oasis”!
– Marco

“This PDC is a gift. A gift given to us by future generations. To do what needs to be done. It’s a base plan to reconnect with the world we live in and depend upon. I came to learn about gardening, about sustainability. I go with commitment, understanding and inspiration. Many doors have been opened, a lot of wisdom was shared. Knowledge that’s far beyond what I expected. I leave this place with a smile in my heart and the knowledge: I’ve taken a big and important step in this journey and I can’t wait to carry on. Thanks for sharing”!
– Manu


“The PDC is not just a course in gardening, it is a dose of vital information and knowledge being past down on how to live a regenerative lifestyle and how to work in unison with the earth and all beings present on it towards a future that ourselves and following generations can florish and thrive amongst. This is some of the most important teaching and lessons I have ever experienced”.
– Dan Priebs

“Koanga’s PDC helps understanding of natural systems and shows a way of how to integrate back to a more harmonious way of living and interacting with the environment around, taking life back to the roots and providing a sound knowledge on how to move forward in a more than sustainable way. Koanga is a living breathing entity that is constantly evolving and growing with the times and knowledge that is available very much on the leading edge of a new way to view our futures”.
– Rhys Wilson

“Great people, great food, great learning. You guys made me feel at home. I learnt a lot and I feel awesome and I’m glad I did it. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is interested|.
– Elianne (Age 12)

“I left equipped with a design process. I left more resourceful and confident than when I arrived. I left with a better understanding of the connections, and principles and patterns of nature. I left with a greater appreciation for designs effect on wellbeing and how to maximise the pursuit of health and wealth potentials from your own words through designing food systems, like a food forest and bio-intensive gardening. I left enlarged and more capable. Thank you 🙂 ”
– Kane


“What I got out of the course: Sense of peace that have found the right path. Faith that the future will be ok. Confidence to move on – go back to “my world”, do more. Ok to be genuine. A sense of community and ok to be part of that. Rebuilding inner strength. A sense of contribution. Opening of new paths for the future. And some technical stuff”.
– Suzanne McLeod

“A journey of rediscovery that reached far beyond all conscious knowledge of this lifetime. The Koanga Institute provides the perfect space to embrace all that is real and has gifted me with the tools I needed to reconnect with this knowledge”.
– Laura

“This course has taught me so much in such a short period of time about what is important in life. I feel that I learnt so many valuable principles and techniques giving me the confidence to go out and implement them to become a successful gardener”.
– Nathan

” I gained a deeper connection and understanding to nature, plants and the way they are all connected to one another. I’m inspired to spend more time in nature and in the garden learning the stories of these plants and how they best nourish us. I see the importance of community, even if only temporary. This way of life feels like a piece of home in it’s truest sense”.
– Mel

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