Fertilising seed potatoes

Using your own resources

If you are using your own resources then doing a really good job of getting this right is critical for  heavy crops of high brix potatoes. Below are details of a method  we have used

1. Dip the seed potatoes in unchlorinated water containing organic fresh manure from a lactating cow .. eating only fresh grass …1/2 water 1/2 manure  ( microbes)

2. Place urine charged Biochar in the bottom of the trench .. 200 gms per lineal meter of trench..then add compost 1 kg per lineal meter of trench, then fill the trench up with wilted comfrey and alfalfa leaves.

3. Plant potatoes and cover then drench the soil down the rows with  Kay’s liquid fertilizer usually reserved for foliar feeding

4. Foliar spray with same liquid fertiliser fortnightly and in between spray with Koanga Biological Balance if you have psyllid in your area.


Using bought in fertilisers

If you are buying fertililser, our recommended fertiliser program is as follows… all available from Environmental Fertilisers http://environmentalfertilisers.co.nz/ 

1.  Place seed potatoes  in a bag with Koanga: Seedling Innoculant and shake to lightly cover potatoes with innoculant.

2. Prepare your potato trenches and apply to each metre of trench: 400 gms of EF:Nature’s Garden, (fertiliser mix containing a wide range of nutrients balanced according to the principles of Dr Carey Reams) 200 gms of EF:Nano-Cal (lime that has been composted with a carbon source to hold the calcium in the root zone), 200 gms of Biochar.

3. Plant potatoes, cover them, then water with liquid Bio char

3. Spray  once when they emerge with EF:VegeFoliar, then change to EF:Reproductive Foliar weekly until they finish flowering

4. IF you have a compost tea brewer we would also recommend soaking seed potatoes in compost tea  before covering in inoculant and then foliar spraying alternate weeks with compost tea.

5. Our favorite way to keep the psyllid off is to spray with Koanga Biological Balance