French Sorrel Recipes

Using French Sorrel in soup

Any recipes I’ve seen for sorrel soup need heaps of sorrel, more than we have available as we pick it daily for salad. I have discovered though that adding sorrel gives a tangy, slightly lemony flavour to other soups which is really nice.

Leek, potato and sorrel soup

Here we made a basic leek and potato soup and added the sorrel towards the end of cooking.

To prepare the sorrel we melted some butter in a pan and added the chopped sorrel leaves. The sorrel wilted and we cooked it on a medium heat with the lid on the pan, stirring occasionally, for about 5 minutes. Then we added it to the leek and potato soup and cooked the whole lot through together for another few minutes before blending it.

It was lovely, rich and creamy. We served it with a drizzle of cultured cream and some sourdough bread. Yum!





Next we’re going to make chicken soup using basically the same method. We’ll make the chicken soup and then wilt the chopped sorrel to add in towards the end of cooking. No blending this time though!