Fruit Tree Product Details 2016

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We have a limited number of many tree lines this year and we operate on a first in, first served basis;
It’s best to order as soon as you’ve decided which trees you would like.

What Makes Koanga’s Tree Collection Unique:

  • Biologically Grown
  • Organic & Heritage Trees
  • GMO Free
  • Trees of our Ancestors
  • Selected for Home Gardeners
  • Selected for nutrition & our own cultural uses
  • Selected to do well in Regenerative Forest Garden Environments
  • Seedlings also available where appropriate – stronger, healthier trees
  • Root Stock Options (various size trees)





Apple | Bert’s | $31
793 Root Stock

Medium size, round apple with red skin. Dessert apple with good flavour and firm flesh. from Bert Davies collection planted in 1917 in his old pear orchard, one of 2 apples in the pear orchard (the other was Northern Spy).

Apple | Cider – Slack Ma Girdle | $31
MM106 Root Stock

Medium size, flat, yellow green with bright red patches, sweet flesh, late ripening, for cider making. From the Featherston Three River Cidery Orchard.

Apple | Cider – Sweet Coppin | $31
MM106 Root Stock

Cider apple, Mid-late season, Medium to large conical fruit, white soft flesh, no astringency, very good cropping, Tends to produce well biennially.


Apple_Freyburg_1Apple | Freyberg | $31
Northern Spy Root Stock

Large, pale green skin which turns yellow when ripe, crisp, juicy and very sweet flesh. good cropper. Ripe late February to late March. Bred by JH Kidd, Greytown, Golden Delicious/Cox’s Orange cross, in collection since 1986.


Apple | Giant Geniton | $31
MM106 Root Stock | Northern Spy Root Stock

Green skin, similar to Granny Smith, but reddish striping when ripe, sweet/tart crunchy dessert apple from April on and great cooking, reliable heavy cropper. This is an outstanding apple that came to this land with the Dalmatian Gumdiggers. From Phil Evans in Kohukohu, Hokianga, 1987; also from Cloon Eavin, Pahi; one of the very early good apples in the North.


Apple | Golden Russet | $31
M9/M26 – Dwarf Root Stock

Golden russet skin, round, flattish, yellow flesh, very rich aromatic flavour, sweet, soft, excellent with cheese. Ripe late January February. Golden Russets were very common in all of the old orchards. They are precocious bearers, reliable heavy croppers and are very special apples. Gifted to the Koanga Collection by Jim Cox of Tangiteroria, in 1989, he was given it by Mr Metcalf of, Tinopai.

Apple_Granny_Smith_1Apple | Granny Smith | $31
M9/M26 – Dwarf Root Stock

Great dessert apple when left on the trees to ripen, when the skin goes yellow with a browny tinge, and the flesh goes super sweet and juicy. Also great used for cooking. Large round bright green skin, crisp, sweet tasty/acid tangy flavour. Ripens April-May. Originally from the settlement and huge orchards planted at Port Albert (on the Kaipara Harbour) by the Albertlanders from Germany.


Apple | Haywood Wright | $31
M9/M26 – Dwarf Root Stock

Bright red/golden russety skin, red coloured flesh, excellent texture and flavour, juicy, sweet, heavy reliable dessert apple. Ripe mid January-February. From George McKinney, Auckland, 1997; one of Hayward Wright’s kiwi fruit fame favourite early selections.



Apple | Jonathon | $31
MM106 Root Stock | 793 Root Stock

Old fashioned dessert apple, crisp with very juicy flesh, mostly red skin with green patches when ripe, white flesh. Keeps very well, ripe March April. Originally from the settlement and huge orchards planted at Port Albert (on the Kaipara Harbour) by the Albertlanders from Germany.


Apple_Koanga_Red_1Apple | Koanga Red | $31
M9/M26 – Dwarf Root Stock | Northern Spy Root Stock

This is a tree from an unknown member of the institute around 1995, large bright red, possibly seedling of red delicious, full flavoured. From unknown member around 1995, originated from a seedling wild tree.


Apple | Lady Finger | $31
M9/M26 – Dwarf Root Stock | MM106 Root Stock | Northern Spy Root Stock

Round, small-medium, bright red streaky skin, golden russet when ripe, very sweet, full of flavour, used as a cider apple but every bit as good as a mid season dessert apple. ripe February. Gifted to Koanga Collection from family near Ahipara 1995.


Apple | Ohinemuri | $31
793 Root Stock

Round, yellow skin, classic old fashioned cooking, great dessert when fully ripe, prolific bearer, very healthy, must take fruit off until bigger, full flavour. From Jim Cox, Tangiteroria, 1989, ex Te Puke, originally from Ohinemuri area, Hauraki.



Apple | Vaile Early | $31
MM106 Root Stock | Northern Spy Root Stock

Small-medium, conical, yellow greasy skin with red streaks; juicy sweet, sub-acid. reliable cropper, medium vigour, takes some years to ripen early. From Lionel Quaife (well known orchardist in Paparoa), 1987.


Apple | Willie Sharp | $31
MM106 Root Stock

Pale yellow skin when ripe, sub-acid, sweet, juicy, heavy cropper, excellent for both desert and cooking, with a tang modern apples just don’t have. From Bert Davies, Wellsford, 1989, bred by Mr. Sharp – an early New Zealand nurseryman and fruit breeder.

Apple | Winesap | $31
MM106 Root Stock

Red skin, old fashion apple, very sweet tart dense flesh, with winey flavour. Ex Kaipara Harbour.

Apple | Zimmerman | $31
M9/M26 – Dwarf Root Stock

Large, elongated, conical, square bottom, bright red streaky skin, excellent rich juicy sweet flesh, ripe late February March. Gifted to the Koanga Collection by the Zimmerman family of the Chatham Islands, from the original Zimmerman family orchard on the Chathams.


Apricot| Mangaone | $27

New castle type apricot, small orange skin with red blush, bright yellow flesh. From an old tree, which was a part of an home orchard next an old collapsed dwelling up the Mangaone road, Northern Hawkes Bay.



This collection of NZ heritage berries has come to us from many people around New Zealand, however a significant part of the collection came from Henry Harrington. A growing part of the collection is from a member and Koanga Seed Curator, Wendy Evans, who lives near Wellington and collects heritage berries. She has named her collections after the places she found them. All these berries are grown from cuttings.

Currant | Black | $18

Classic black currents high in flavour and nutrition, fruiting in Hawkes Bay Allow 1m. From the Henry Harrington Southland collection, which Henry collated from plants growing wild along railway lines along the tracks near Ohai, an old coal mining area and a trail the old goldminers used.


Currant | Red | $18

From the Henry Harrington Southland collection, which Henry collated from plants growing wild along railway lines along the tracks near Ohai, an old coal mining area and a trail the old goldminers used. Allow 1m.




Gooseberry | Levin Early | $18

From the collection of Wendy Evans. Allow 1m.

Gooseberry | Red | $18

From the collection or Wendy Evans. Allow 1m



Raspberry | Lake (Red) | $18

Classic red raspberries that sucker strongly like the yellow one. Best in a largish Food Forest situation where they can form a raspberry patch. From Louise Shaw 2006, originally from the central north Island lakes area.


Rasberry_Yellow_1Raspberry | Yellow | $18

Outstanding raspberry, was well known all over New Zealand 100 years ago. Average size, pale yellow fruit, one of the best eating raspberries, with a strong Autumn crop following a Summer crop. Ex Canterbury/ Lower Hutt, NZ Heirloom.



All cherries are grown on colt root stock which is semi dwarfing. Both these varieties are well known early home gardeners cultivars.

Cherry | Mt Morency | $31

Large, bright red fruit, amber flesh with tangy flavour, self fertile, perfect for pie making.



Elderberry_adamElderberry | Adam | $18 

Fast growing, large bunches of black berries, even in warmer areas of New Zealand. Highly medicinal fruit and flowers. Loves wet soils. Allow 2-4m.



Elderberries_Nova_Elderberry | Nova | $18

Fast growing, large bunches of black berries, all over Nz, slightly later fruit ripening time than Adam. Highly medicinal berries and flowers, traditionally used for chest complaints.





All figs grown from cuttings. They prefer free draining, moist soils, hot, full sun. You can keep them small with good pruning.


Fig | Batley | $20

Fat, mid season, squat fig with green skin, white flesh, very sweet, excellent flavour. Very reliable cropper. Allow 4-8m (Depends on pruning). Ex Batley, historic homestead and site of the original fish canning factory on the Kaipara harbour. Remains today in extensive abandoned orchard around the old Batley home which is still lived in.


Fig_Black.jpegFig | Black | $20

Small dark skinned, pink-fleshed fig, creamy texture, very sweet skin. An early fig, best for marginal areas that may experience cooler summer, ripens March. Allow 4-8m (depends on pruning). Ex Auckland, NZ Heirloom.


Fig_Hyndemans_1Fig | Hyndman’s | $20

Small figs with a purply skin and silky pink centre, two crops if you don’t prune it the first around Xmas, the next in March/April. Very good for drying. Allow 4-8m (Depends on pruning). Ex Kaipara, Hyndmans original farm, Kaiwaka.


Fig_McLeod2_1Fig | McLeod | $20

Large, round, green skin, dark red very sweet pulp, huge reliable crops, not suitable for areas with short summers. The figs were eaten fresh but also dried in a paste form and used as sweetening for all baking by many. Allow 4-8m (depends on pruning). Ex McLeod homestead Kaiapara harbour gifted by Logan Forrest.


Fig_Pouto_Sugar_1Fig | Pouto Sugar | $20

Very sweet fig, hence its name. Early, small, pear shaped, red brown colour on one end with pale flesh. Allow 4-8m (depends on pruning). This fig was used in the north as a sweetener, i.e was dried/ bottled and then added to other dishes. was given to Koanga by Logan Forrest of Pouto.




Grapes_Bishop_Pompallier2_1Grape | Bishop Pompallier | $20

Large black grape, sweet with full flavour, excellent as dessert grape. Disease resistant, ripe in March. From Bishop Pompallier’s original early orchard plantings, Kerikeri, Northland.




Grapes_Niagra_1Grape | Niagara | $20

Excellent choice for the organic home gardener. Very early white dessert grape, sweet with a lovely mild flavour. Ripens early March. Easy to grow with reliable heavy crops. NZ Heirloom, in our collection since 1985.



Grapes_RedGrape | Red | $20

Small red skinned grape with outstanding flavour. Found in an old vineyard, when pruning grapes. Owner had kept these outstanding old dessert grapes because of their quality amongst modern wine grapes, unknown cultivar.


Grape | White Dalmatian | $20

Came to us from an old Dalmatian orchard in Kohukohu. Very sweet, excellent flavour, slightly later than Niagra. Ex Kohukohu, came from the same old Dalmatian orchard as Black Dalmatian.



Almond | Monovale | $27 

Hard shelled, excellent quality nut, large tree and heavy cropper. These are from an old tree outside Wairoa.

Hazelnut | Alexandra | $13

Seedling grown from an Alexandra hedge, very strong cultivar with mixed nuts quality, great for a fruiting hedge. The seed for those are sourced from ‘Wairata Hazels’.

Hazelnut | Mix | $9

Seedling grown from a mixed hedge, mixed quality nuts, great for a fruiting, poles, firewood hedge. The seed for those are sourced from ‘Wairata Hazels’.

Walnut_MeyricWalnut | Meyric | $27

Medium size, very sweet nut, easy to crack and shell whole nuts (without breaking). Very hardy variety, used as rootstock as well.



Walnut_Wilsons_WonderWalnut | Wilson’s Wonder | $27

Large nut, easy to crack and shell by hand, suitable for most climates around NZ. These are from an old tree outside Wairoa.





Nectarine_Black_Pearl_1Nectarine | Black Pearl | $27

Dark smooth skin, flesh similar to Blackboy peach, free stone, excellent for drying and bottling. Allow 5-8m. Ex Auckland, sport off a Blackboy peach.



Nectarine_Goldmine_1Nectarine | Goldmine | $27

Medium size, mid season, white fleshed nectarine with red over green skin, dessert quality with a sweet flavour. An outstanding old variety from the Kaipara.



Nectarine_Pouto_Gold_1Nectarine | Pouto Gold | $27

Sweet, juicy, old fashioned, small, gold fleshed fruit with red on yellow skin when ripe. Allow 5-8m. From McLeod family homestead, Pouto, gifted by Logan Forrest, 2000.




The olives in our collection come from the Pouto area. Over the years these trees have had a lot of attention, and many have been tested for oil quality etc. The oldest tree was carbon dated in 1970 to be 200 years old. The local stories say that these olives came with the Portuguese and Spanish whalers and explorers in the 16th – 17th centuries. There are many ancient trees naturalised, self seeding and suckering in the area. We have selected what Logan Forrest considers to be the best dual purpose oil/pickling olive, and the largest Greek type pickling olive to make available to you.

Olives_Pouto_1 Olives_Pouto2_1Pouto Pickling | $31


Super large greek type pickling olive. Allow 6-8m diameter canopy. From Pouto by the beach road, in an area with olive trees carbon dated in 1970 to be 200 years old.




Peach | Arapahoe Red Leaf | $27

Red skin, golden flesh and freestone with red streaks around the stone. Outstanding flavour, excellent texture and is very juicy. Red leaves on the tree. Allow 5-8m. Given to Koanga by a woman near Ruawai, originally from elderly dalmatian gardener.

Peach_Black_Boy_1Peach | Black Boy | $27

Small-medium, dark red grey skin, bright port red/white streaky skin, freestone, juicy, strong flavour. Allow 5-8m. Ex Kaiwaka, NZ Heirloom.




Peach_Four_Winds_1Peach | Four Winds | $27

Late ripening, disease resistant, very sweet, clingstone, firm and full of flavour. Excellent dessert peach. Pale skin red blush. Excellent cropper. Ripens March. Allow 5-8m. Ex Kaitaia, from a collection trip with David Austen.


Peach_Jim_Armstrong_Black.jpegPeach | Jim Armstrong Black | $27

Seems to be a variant on the River Peach. It’s strong, healthy and a precocious cropper. Dark red centre. Allow 5-8m.



Peach_River_1Peach | River | $27

River Peach are disease resistant, easy to grow and grow true to seed. They are prolific croppers of sweet medium sized, green skin with a red blush, white fleshed, free stone fruit. Ripen late January. Allow 5-8m. River Peaches are the ones that set Kay off on this whole journey, they are Ex Kaipara Harbour and are NZ Heirloom.


Peach | Waiatea | $27

Medium size freestone peach, white flesh with light red around the stone, greenish skin with red blush when ripe. From the Waiatea Marae on the Kaipara.



Peacherine | Mason Elliot | $27 

Medium large old fashion golden queen. gold dense orange flesh, clingstone, ripe mid to late march.

Peacherine_matakohePeacherine | Matakohe | $27

Sweet melting buttery yellow fleshed fruit, with yellow skin , ripe February. Allow 5-8m. Ex Matakohe.



Peacherine | Robertson’s | $27

Reliable cropper, medium size yellow peacherine with a furry skin, buttery texture and lots of flavour, very sweet, clingstone, ripe late Feb to early march, great bottling.

Peacherine | Rose St. | $27

Medium size, golden orange, very dense flesh and skin, firm, clingstone, ripe mid march. Found on Rose St. in Wairoa.





Plum_Ahipara_Prune2_1 Plum_Ahipara_Prune_1Plum |Ahipara Prune | $31 

A large egg shaped, dark red skin, yellow very sweet sugary flesh, free stone. Excellent plum for dessert and cooking. Pollinator- Angelina Burdett / Self fertile. Kay found this plum on the Ahipara Gumfields in an abandoned gumdiggers orchard, around 1990.


Willow cuttings are sold as a mix made of 6 of each basket willow variety, these are professional basket willows, and will grow to have different color, length, flexibility, and so on. willows like wet soils and the more water available will result in more growth, plant in 30-50cm spacing to create long upright growth, and harvest during winter.

  • x6 Black Maul (salix triandra) Black
  • x6 Common Osier (salix viminalis) – Gold Purple
  • x6 Willow (salix purpurea) – Red/ Purple
  • x6 Gigantea Yellow


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Minimum postal charges (up to 5kg)

North Island $8.50
South Island $13.20
Rural $3.20 extra (only added once even if 15kg worth is ordered)


You may opt to pick up your fruit trees by appointment between 18th July – 12th August, 2016.
Olives are pick up only!