Garden Resilience

Resilience in the garden

Here in the Hokianga we seemed to veer from extreme to extreme – the spring was initially cold and wet but then it went quite hot and dry but still with cold nights, and then later wet again and very humid. The variability made for a challenging growing season which has had me reflecting on how resilient our garden is and if we really could feed ourselves if that was all we had and on what’s needed to develop resilience in the garden.

Perennials as part of building garden resilience

Here I’m going to concentrate on perennial vegetables and what they have to offer. Because perennial forms of vegetables have an established root system then they are able to withstand adverse weather events (that are likely to be increasingly more common as a result of climate change) …. read more

Planning for resilience

We need to seriously plan for resilience in our gardens. Would you survive through to next Spring on the produce you harvested from your garden this Autumn? What do you think you need to learn to get it better next season? Read more …

Tips for a resilient future

How to survive Climate Change in the Garden