Golden Legbars

‘The Golden Legbar is a vary rare British auto-sexing chicken breed. It is a light breed great for laying. The Legbar was created and standardised in 1945,  bred from Brown Leghorn and Barred Plymouth Rock and they are now their own ‘stand alone’ breed.’ They are called auto-sexing because day old male chicks can be distinguished from day old female chicks by their down colour. They have been excellent egg layers for us laying well into year. They also have larger breasts than most light breeds and are very acceptable table birds.

Here at Thorny Croft we have been breeding our Legbars for over 16 years to do well on a low grain, non-industrial pellet diet, which for us means selection for those that did best on pasture and forest garden situations as good foragers. We are planting up forage blocks with pig and poultry forage trees that will begin dropping berries/fruit/seeds/nuts/acorns etc. for them over the next few years. This will cut out brought in grains even more. At present we buy in organic corn and wheat, we also feed curds from the cow shed and minced wild goat. We also give them Poultry Minerals.