Growing Tips for the Apiaceae Family (Carrots and Parsnips)

Prepare the bed so it is a fine well prepared surface. Best not add to compost before planting carrot seed unless you give all the weed seeds a chance to germinate first then cover with plastic or sheets etc to kill them. Do not add fertilizer closer than 2 weeks before planting seed.. that will also negatively affect germination.

Scatter sow seeds over area required for the amount of seed, scratch the seed in lightly with fingers water well, then scatter a little Quash slug bait. Cover with a sheet until most seeds have germinated (keep sheet moist all the time). Scatter a little more slug bait around baby seedlings when cover comes off. 

Can be sown from August to May in the North and September to December in the South. December is a great time and gives the best germination rate which should take take less than 7 days at this time of year. Seeds planted in December will provide carrots all winter.     


If you do a good job of this .. scatter sowing at the optimal seed density etc  you can potentially harvest  up to 50 kgs of carrots from 1 sq m of Biointensive well managed garden bed.. that makes all the effort well worth it @ $3 kg for organic carrots if you can get them they are worth $150!

Same for parsnips they just need a little more space so are sown more thinly. 

Our range of seeds in this family can be found here