Forest Gardens

Nutrient Dense Fruit and Hedgerows

I’ve always been fascinated by stories of the ‘old hedgerows’ of Europe. It is my understanding that in the days of the ‘commons’ throughout Europe, most people lived in small villages and still had access to the forest for firewood, building (green woodwork), herbs, food etc., and areas set aside as places to graze one’s animals, places where many people took their animals to graze all together during the day…read more!


Temperate Food Forests in Aotearoa

I have written lots about designing and planting Subtropical Food Forests in the past. I loved the 30 years I spent creating an amazing subtropical food forest in Kaiwaka – there is a chapter on this included in my book Design Your Own Orchard. This time Dennis McGregor and I are learning about creating temperate food forests whilst putting one in here on our new land…read more!