Almonds, Nectarines, Peacherines and Apricots

Peacherines, listed in ripening order.


Matakohe Peacherine

An outstanding new addition to our collection. This tree came from an old orchard still being well maintained in the Matakohe area. It’s a sweet melting buttery yellow fleshed fruit, ripe February.


Joy Yearbury Peacherine

A peacherine with excellent flavour. It came to the Koanga Collection from Northland. Ripens Mid February.


Red Bluffs

Greeny pale yellow furry skin, firm sweet juicy delicious flesh, old fashioned flavour. This is an outstanding very old cultivar from the original Red Bluff’s nursery early in the twentieth century. Because it is late ripening it needs an exposed position to avoid brown rot. Ripe March.

Apricots, Listed in ripening order.



A medium sized mid January ripening Apricot with strong sweet flavour orange flesh & skin. From a well known seedling tree in Waipapakauri in the far north where it’s seedlings grow true to seed and the seedlings are very disease resistant and crop heavily. Excellent desert and bottler. Self-fertile.



Pahi ripens after Waipapakauri with good texture & flavour. Reliable cropper in Northland. Self-fertile. Our wood came from an old tree in Paparoa, but it had previously been collected by Mr. Cliff from a paddock on an original settler’s farm near Pahi. Self-fertile.



Large fruit, disease and pest resistant, ripe from Xmas to the 3rd week in January. Crops well in Auckland where it was sourced. At least partially self-fertile – possible a New Castle.



Mona Vale

A disease resistant, regular and reliable bearer of strong flavoured nuts. An early and prolific bearer it is self fertile (doesn’t need a pollinator) and is a pollinator for other almonds. It flowers early and long and is worth growing for the flowers alone! Almonds need Mediterranean conditions to crop well. Exposed windy, dry boney soils and dry flowering period. 6-10m. Almonds grow well and fruit true from seed.

Nectarines, listed in ripening order



A goldmine type nectarine with white flesh and very red skin. Freestone with excellent flavour. Ripens just before all our other varieties. From an old family orchard near Matakohe.



A medium sized, mid season, white fleshed nectarine with red over green skin. Dessert quality with a sweet flavour. An outstanding old variety from the Kaipara.


Black Pearl

This is a nectarine similar to the black boy peach, dark red skin and flesh, sweet good flavour freestone. From Auckland.



Old goldmine type of nectarine. Greeny white flesh, Green skin with a red blush. Selected because of its flavor which is very good and its beautiful appearance. Very colourful fruit. Freestone. From a collection trip in the Kaitaia area. Ripe mid February.