Green Woodworking

First Steps in Green Woodworking

With John Aiken

Nowadays most wood working projects seems to begin when someone goes to a shop and buys a sawn-up, planed up
(often chemical-treated) piece of timber.  In the past of course, people had to start with the tree…read more!


Woodland Crafts: An Essential Part of Self Reliance

When Gail & I first came to Kohatu Toa Eco-Village four and a half years ago and became acquainted with the work of Koanga one of the things which most impressed us was the emphasis on self-reliance for the workshop programme.

Self-reliance is a key element in the way we are trying to live –we do not want to be dependent for goods and services on a system that pollutes, destroys and consumes our world and exploits people and other living creatures. The more we can stay out of that loop that happier we are…read more!