Gardening with perennials

Perennials as part of building garden resilience

Taking care of perennials This is one of a series of blogs “Nutrient Dense Food and Carbon Sequestration using Local Sourced Fertiliser: Kay Closes The Loop” This one focuses on perennials.

Creating a perennial garden bed

Perennials that are best planted in the Spring time In this section you can find out about lots of interesting and often hard to find perennial plants that are planted in the Spring. We are gradually compiling information, growing tips and recipes for all of these plants including yacon, jerusalem artichokes, chinese water chestnuts, alpine strawberries and much more. Many of these plants are available for purchase as starter packs. For more information on what is available to buy click here 

Along with many plants that are grown as perennials our back order perennial collection contains plants that are perennials but are usually grown as annuals. These include kumara, garlic and potatoes.

Garlic and Perennial Onions

Heaps of information here on the garlic and perennial onions in our collection and how to grow them


Learn more about kumara and the best way to grow them


Information on our heritage potatoes and how we grow them


Growing King Stropharia Mushrooms in the garden