King Stropharia Mushrooms in the garden

King Stropharia are also known as Winecap and are a gourmet edible mushroom that is easy to grow in a garden.

We introduced King Stropharia spawn into our wood chip mulch 2 years ago. It takes around 10 months to a year to begin fruiting after sending very thick large very white mycelium all through the area with wood chips on or in.

Inadvertently we inoculated 8 cu m of woodchip by placing spawn  wood chip under a peach tree which happened to sit next to where our wood chip pile was delivered, and the mycelium ran all through the wood chip pile. The woodchip was then forked into our garden beds and so now all of our beds produce King Stropharia mushrooms at alarming rates all year round. There has been no time that we could not eat mushrooms whenever we felt like it. The biggest issue is not feeling bad when we don’t harvest them all  because here are just too many to deal with even after giving them away to many people.

Because we have seen how easy they are to grow and maintain in and around our gardens, I think they are a hit. 

The most critical thing is that as they  eat the woodchip and break it down and release the nutrients to feed the veges, they need to be kept moist and cool. They love growing under pumpkin leaves but hate the hot sun. If they have cool and moist conditions they grow very large  with burgundy cap and grey gills and can be eaten at any stage of their growth. Because I’m adding ramial wood chip to all of my garden beds  over time they are constantly growing and moving through beds and fruiting. They are also growing in the ramial wood chip mulch under all of our perennials so we have an endless supply!