Growing Nutrient Dense Food Information



Grains and Other Storage Crops


Mycorrhizal Magic

The creature most often missing in agricultural soils is a fungus that burrows into the crop roots. This usually evokes images of an undesirable parasite but this is not a disease organism. Once this creature is locked into a food source from the plant, it gives far more than it receives. In fact, that flow of root sugars is repaid handsomely. The soil, the other root zone microbes, the plant, your livestock, your family and the planet are all beneficiaries of this more!


Resilience in the Garden

The spring and summer seasons just gone were a challenge in the garden for lots of people.

Here in the Hokianga we seemed to veer from extreme to extreme – the spring was initially cold and wet but then it went quite hot and dry but still with cold nights, and then later wet again and very humid. The variability made for a challenging growing season which has had me reflecting on how resilient our garden is and if we really could feed ourselves if that was all we had and on what’s needed to develop resilience in the garden…read more!


Soil Amendments

The garden we have put in this Spring at Kotare Village is the 5th huge garden I have planted since leaving Kaiwaka 4 1/2 years ago.

I have continued growing much of our own food and over half the seeds sold by the Institute during that time, and I have had a range of soil types and situations to deal with! I have been totally committed to absolutely doing my best to produce high brix food/seeds…read more!


Sweet Corn, Paramagnetic Rock, And More…

By Calvin F. Bey

My American seed catalog says, “Sweet Corn, Country Gentleman (shoe-peg), 95 days.” I grew this 1890 heirloom variety successfully in 2007, and decided to grow it again in 2008, using some new techniques. I have been a gardener for more than 50 years, but what followed surprised me…read more!