How To Survive Climate Change in the Garden

1. Learn to grow healthy soil and nutrient dense food… high brix heritage seeds/plants respond to climate change


2. Choose the easiest plants to grow that produce the most food; leeks garlic, welsh bunching onions, cylindrical beetroot, Jerusalem artichokes, globe artichokes, flour corn, pumpkins, courgettes, kale, collards and turnips. If you have our Garden Planner you will see the ‘expected harvest in kg per sq metre’ column which is a great guide.



3. Plant perennials that produce a lot of food.  You can grow some perennials from seed and many from living material.

4. Always use heritage seeds, adaption for climate change is built into these

5. Diversity is critical eg. plant a range of crops as well as different varieties

6. Have bird protection systems in place

7. Know how to build sparrow traps

8. Plant crops that are dual purpose eg. rocombole garlic: two crops in one, corn: food and carbon for the compost

9. Dark green red leafed veges, birds don’t touch them and they are more nutritious


10. Plant European veges in summer as a back stop eg. carrots, beetroot and lettuce

11. Easiest most nutritious summer greens tampala, orach, magenta spreen , golden purslane, perilla


12. Learn to recognise and harvest seasonal weeds and herbs

13. Make yourself a solar drier and dry excess greens and vege for use in times of scarcity


14. Plant six rhubarb plants


15. Plant perennials, especially purple asparagus, purple artichokes (globe) seakale and Welsh Bunching onions




17. choose fruit trees that will grow well and crop on your soil type

18 choose heritage fruit trees

19. Be sure to plant all the support trees your fruit trees will need to supply them with the minerals they need.. there may come a time when you can’t easily buy them at the shop!.. Check out the information in this chart

20. make sure you choose root stocks that fit your soil type

21 choose fruit tree cultivars that come from 1 or 2 climate zones warmer than your place

22. learn to make your own medicine


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