Porotos con Mazamorra (Beans, corn and pumpkin)

This recipe is from a book called “Food out of Chile” written by a Chilean couple forced to flee to England from Chile in the 1970’s following Pinochet’s coup and the death of Allende.

They describe this as a traditional Chilean dish. This is our adaptation of their recipe – it’s a great dish which uses things that are easy to grow here, good food for self-reliance and really tasty.

Dried beans – soaked and cooked until soft

Corn – nixtamalized (see details here) and ground




2 cloves garlic


Chilli (optional)

Remove pumpkin skin, chop pumpkin into pieces, add to the already cooked beans and then simmer until soft. Mash pumpkin and some of the beans.

Heat oil in thick bottomed frying pan, and fry onion and garlic. Add pepper or chilli as desired.

Add the ground corn to the pan and cook slowly, stirring frequently.

Add the pumpkin and bean mixture to the corn.

Add fresh basil and cook for a few more minutes, stirring frequently.

Serve with tomato sauce or salsa. Is a bit like re-fried beans in texture and is particularly good with guacamole, cheese and stir fried vegetables with corn chips or tortillas.



Corn Fritters

An added bonus is that leftovers are perfect for making corn fritters.

Add some chopped feta cheese into the mix and shape into fritters.

Fry in coconut oil or similar and serve with salad or vegetables and a tomato sauce.