Heritage Seed Collection

Heritage Beans

I love this time of year, the change in the weather, the freshness of the wind, the autumn colours (yes, even here in Northland), the cooler nights and the autumn crops glowing with health. It’s immensely satisfying to consider all the things we’ve got stored away – bottled fruit and tomatoes, jars of pesto, sacks of potatoes, kumara boxed safely up, and jars and jars of dried beans. I particularly love the dried beans…read more!

In Touch with Kamokamo

Kamokamo have always been in the Institute seed collection – we have received kamokamo seed from many people over the years but the line we have kept going was the seed that came to us from near Ruatoria, from the garden of Bill Blane, who said they had come from his koro who had kept them going long before him. The seed line contains both round and long cultivars, because Bill’s koro preferred to grow them that way…read more!