Seed Saving

Brassica Growout Update

To keep our cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kale and Brussells sprouts seeds strong and alive for the future we are going to have to work very hard. For many years now the range of varieties available has been getting less and less. We have less than 10% of the cultivars left that we had 100 years ago, and recently we have discovered that 90% of the open pollinates (those varieties that were developed from the heritage lines after the Second World War for early commercial growers) are gone as well. This means our food in the shops is almost totally grown from hybrid seed which we know does not contain essential nutrition needed to keep us strong and healthy. We must act now!!!!…read more

Koanga’s Seed Saving Instructions

Seed Saving used to be one of the most important jobs there was – our ancestors survived because they saved the seeds that could be depended on to nourish people. Over the past 60 years we’ve left seed saving to the multinationals whose Kaupapa is to return money to their shareholders – rather than one of nourishing people…read more!