Seedling Growing

Planting and Growing Seedlings 

How to grow high quality seedlings using the Biointensive Method:

1. Use an organic  seed raising mix, ( Daltons is a good one in NZ) or a home made one.  Most other seed raising mixes contain fungicide which will kill all the beneficial microorganisms. These micro organisms are vital for healthy, high Brix* plants.…read more!

The Moa Seed Farm

New Zealand’s first commercial seed farm.

A Koanga Institute member, Mrs Ruth Davidson, recently sent us a copy of Seed Growing in Central Otago: the Moa Farm by Helen Fluit, which is essentially her family story.  I contacted the author, Helen Fluit, and she gave me permission to reprint parts of the book here. As the book is no longer available, and never was publicly available, I consider this precious information for those of us saving seed seriously for the long haul, and I wish to thank Mrs Fluit for not only collating and writing the book but also giving permission for parts of it to be printed here…read more!