Lactic pickled onions

These are our favourite pickled onions – so much better than vinegar pickles and extremely easy to make. They can be made with any of our perennial bunching onions. Sometimes we use small shallots or tree onions but potato onions are particularly good . We now have both White Potato Onions and Brown Potato Onions in the collection and they are both excellent pickled. Details of all of our perennial onions can be found here





Whey (not essential)

A couple of grape or cabbage leaves


Peel onions and fill a jar with them. We leave our potato onions whole but if your onions are large cut them into chunks.

Make brine using salt and water (a dessertspoon of salt to a large cup of water)

Add a tablespoon of whey if you have it (not essential)

Add the brine and whey mix to the jar with the onions to completely fill the jar. If you run out of brine just add water. Tap the jar gently on the table top to settle the onions and remove any air bubbles.

Use a grape leaf if you have one to push the onions below the liquid. The liquid on top of the grape leaf will hold the onions down.

Put a lid on the jar but don’t seal tightly. Stand jar on a saucer and leave at room temperature for a few days.

After a few days tighten the lid and store in a cool place.

The pickles will be ready to eat in a couple of weeks but could be stored for months. The taste will change over time so you could experiment to see when you like them best. 

When you open the jar there may be mould on top of the leaf but this is easily removed along with the leaf.