Kumara flan base recipe

We grow lots of kumara and really enjoy cooking with it in different ways. I want to share here a new way to cook kumara that we discovered recently and which are really enjoying experimenting with. This involves using kumara instead of pastry to make a base for a flan. It’s really easy and the basic method is given here.


Cut some kumara in half lengthways and then slice them into quite thin half rounds. How much you will need depends on the size of the kumara and the size of your flan dish. You need enough to cover the base and sides of the dish. Line the flan dish with the kumara slices, overlapping them as necessary. Part bake in the oven for around 15 minutes until the kumara is slightly soft but not overly brown or burnt.


Now comes the creative part. In the pictures shown we used the base to make a quiche. We fried over onions, herbs and greens and put them onto the flan base.


We had mixed up eggs, home made feta cheese, parsley and calendula petals and we poured the egg mix over the onions and greens.


We then baked it in the oven as you would any quiche until the top had risen and looked beautiful and firm. It was delicious that evening but also cold the next day with salad for lunch. We weren’t sure how the base would hold together but it held really well – not good enough for a finger food buffet perhaps but good enough to serve out slices of it.



The finished flan - yum!


The other day we experimented in a different way putting left over mince and vegetables onto the kumara flan base, and then topped that with some mashed potato with cheese on top. Again we baked that in the oven until it was all warmed through and the cheese was melted on the top. That was really good too and I'm sure we'll find other ways as well. Endless possibilities I reckon for any savoury flan that would usually have a pastry base