Favourite Autumn Greens

  1. Kale Red Russian……. Red green sweet delicious when well grown raw or cooked

  2. Dalmatian cabbage aka Collards NZH…. The least known super nutritious vegetables use raw cooked fermented all ways outstanding

  3. De cicco broccoli…. Easy to grow reliable sprouting type broccoli, good soil will produce big heads with many sprouts following

  4. Dalmatian parsley NZH… the darkest green most nutritionally dense and best tasting parsley ever, came to NZ with the Gumdiggers

  1. Endive Red Rosso, NZH…….. mineral accumulators and slightly bitter liver herb, outstanding flavor and nutritional addition to all meals over winter Miner’s lettuce NZH

  2. Lettuce Devils Ear … stands in the summer heat to get to Autumn, red/magenta tips hearting tastes great easy to grow

  3. Red Coral Mizuna .. magenta colour, excellent salad green stems super tasty

  4. Lightheart lettuce NZH

  5. Henry Harrington’s Chinese cabbage NZH outstanding wide white ribbed chinese cabbage, great in Kin Chee, stir fries etc etc , super easy to grow

  6. Tatsoi always dark green and great in soup, or as stir fry vege, super easy to grow

  7. Coriander NZH outstanding nutritional health benefits plus great raw cooked and even the roots are wonderful in soups etc


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