Favourite spring greens

Japanese Spinach NZH. From the Henry Harrington Collection in Southland this is a stunner for cold season eating. This spinach grows fast in the cold, grows big bunches of delicious greens great raw or cooked… an outstanding choice

Henry Harrington’s Chinese Cabbage NZH . outstanding wide white stemmed cabbage from the early Chinese goldminers in Southland, is an outstanding base for Kimchi , stir fries etc etc

Bloomsdale spinach excellent lightly steamed or raw, dark green

Tatsoi always dark green and great in soup, or as stir fry vege, super easy to grow

Coriander can’t go past coriander while it’s still cool enough to grow well.

Borecole NZH…one of the few New Zealand heritage brassicas, so it is very special. It’s by far my favourite kale, and has dark green, large round thick leaves that are crinkly on the edges. It has excellent flavour


Dalmatian Cabbage aka Collards NZH…… open leaf cabbage, possibly the most nutritious brassica, excellent for all ways we use cabbage, sauerkraut etc etc

Red Coral Mizuna .. magenta colour, excellent salad green stems super tasty

Mignonette lettuce NZH… buttercrunch, melting, red and delicious, reminds me of Grandma

Mustard and cress are super easy and quick to grow in early spring either as microgreens in a seed tray to be harvested so it will grow again or in a garden bed.