Perennials best planted in the Spring time

There are lots of perennials that are best planted in the Spring and we hold many such plants within the Koanga Institute Collection. We make many of these available to purchase - details of items for sale can be found here

In this section of the knowledge base we will share information about many of these plants - how to grow them, how to cook them etc.

Jerusalem Artichokes

Jerusalem artichokes are part of the asteraceae family and a great addition to the garden with their beautiful flowers so loved by bees and also for their productive tubers. Read more

Chinese Water Chestnuts

Most people only know Chinese Waterchestnuts that have come out of a tin and don't realise they can be grown in New Zealand.  They are fun to grow. More information


The brightly coloured tubers that we know as Yams here in New Zealand are called Oca in other parts of the world. They form a low sprawling bushy plant which is perennial but is grown in New Zealand as an annual with the tubers harvested in late autumn / early winter.  More information here Yam recipes here


Yacon is a member of the Asteracea family and is native of South America where sources say it has been cultivated and used for at least 2000 years! It is an attractive plant with large, slightly furry looking leaves and small yellow flowers. Read more about growing yacon here

French Sorrel

French Sorrel is a great plant to have around and one I wouldn't be without. Find out more

Alpine Strawberries

Alpine strawberries (Fragaria vesca) are cultivated strains of wild or woodland strawberries found across Europe and have been used in gardens for hundreds of years. Read more here ...


Comfrey is an amazing plant. It's a mineral accumulator which is great in orchards providing a living mulch and for cutting back.


Ginger is surprisingly easy to grow. Find out how here