Promote our work

Getting the message out there about the work of Koanga Institute is really important and one our supporters can be involved with.  Below are posters and leaflets that can be printed and distributed.

Workshop Brochure

We have an extensive program of workshops designed to empower participants with the practical skills needed to turn their dreams of self-reliance into reality. We use the Permaculture design process to design and teach solutions for all aspects of our lives and environment. Details are on this brochure which can be printed so you can help spread the word about our workshops Koanga Workshop Brochure 2022 DOWNLOAD



Growing Plants from Seed Brochure

Want to find out about growing plants from seed and growing nutrient dense food? This brochure gives all the information that you need.

Download Seed Brochure

Seeds – some things to ponder. 

What is an organic, heritage, open pollinated seed? What is a hybrid seed, a CMS seed (labelled as hybrid seed) and a GE seed? Kay has written a brief outline because we see so much confusion and misunderstanding. We believe the big ‘cover up’ around this information needs to be busted!!! This brochure is also available here in printable pdf format Seed_Article_Brochure