Pruning Tips

If you understand the patterns of tree fruiting and growth it will make it easier for you to do a good job of pruning your fruit trees.

Pattern. The sap flows to the highest point.

This means that the tallest branch tip is where the strongest sap flow will be and so that branch will keep getting stronger and stronger.. and all lower tipped branches will get weaker and weaker. If you would like your tree to grow in a balanced way then prune tips of main branches to be the same height.

Pattern. Vertical sap flow produces growth.. restricted sap flow ( by pruning or tying down branches) creates fruit. We can use this knowledge to prune our trees so that we create a shape that takes the branches out and towards an angle of 45 degrees the branch will tend to fruit rather than grow vigorously.

Pattern. Peaches fruit on last years growth.

If you don’t prune them hard each season taking off at least half of the new growth they will very quickly die from the bottom up and be fruiting so high you can’t reach the fruit or prune them any more.

One of our aims as a nursery producing high quality heritage organic fruit trees is to prune them in the nursery to make it easy for you at home to do the next prune.