Recipe – Crispy Bacon, Kefir Feta and Aomaru Koshun Winter Salad

to serve 8

This is a wonderful colorful winter salad full of flavor and satisfaction…. of course you can make it with ingredients from the shop but I make all of this from scratch including making the bacon cheese and growing the veges. The vegetable are all heritage vegetable full of flavor and nutrition and sensory delights! For more recipes featuring our NZ heritage food plants see Change of Heart by Bob Corker and Kay Baxter

8 slices Crispy bacon home cured  (Change of Heart p. 233)

1 block of kefir feta   ( Change of Heart p. 58    )  or toasted panir ( change of Heart p.59 )

1 head of Endivia Scarola

6 stalks of Welsh Bunching onions

1 head of Miner’s Lettuce

1 handful of ‘Winter’ lettuce leaves .. these are crinkly indented finger type leaves 

Aomaru koshun radish

4 medium Aomaru Koshun radish 

1 handful of Coriander leaves

1 handful of Red Coral MIzuna

vinaigrette dressing to taste (Change of Heart p.255 )

1. wash and steam cook the radish whole with all skin on, then when tender cut into 1/8th wedges.. and keep warm

2. Wash and toss all of the raw salad veggies, including Welsh Bunching onions which are always harvested by slicing off stems at ground level and using all of it sliced finely

3. Slice bacon into thin strips and fry until crispy and then

4. toss all ingredients together and dress generously with vinaigrette dressing and serve while warm.

5. sprinkle crumbled feta on the top