Regenerative living and learning opportunity for someone with marketing/social media skills

This is an amazing (unpaid, voluntary) opportunity for someone with marketing, wordpress and IMG_6048social media skills to spend a year immersing themselves in the whole field of regenerative living. In exchange for 20 hours a week volunteer marketing work, you will gain free admission to our entire range of acclaimed workshops, including the two week Permaculture Design Course. We will also provide you with caravan accommodation and food. You will be eating alongside all our apprentices, following the principles of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Company Profile: Koanga Institute’s vision is to be a leader in the building of thriving communities that practice and teach a self-reliant regenerative lifestyle. This includes all aspects of life: from seed saving, bio-intensive gardening, growing and preparing nutrient dense food, inventing and implementing appropriate technology through to alternative building of houses and creating full, regenerative, communities.
Historically Koanga Institute and its founders have focussed on saving our heritage food plants, (including vegetable seeds and fruit trees) and bio-intensive gardening. As a result, the Institute has developed New Zealand’s largest and most impressive collection of NZ heritage organic vegetable seeds (700+) heritage fruit trees from northern bio-region (400+) and a national heritage berry collection, over a 30-year period. IMG_9805
It has become increasingly obvious to Koanga’s founders that seed saving and heritage tree growing is only the first link in the food and human ecology chain, and it is time for our vision to evolve. Throughout the world, ‘seed savers’ and many others, have come to the wider realisation that it is not just the ecology of our food that has been compromised by industrialization. We now understand that many other aspects of our “human ecology” have likewise been compromised, and we can’t address single issues (e.g. seed saving) in isolation. Seed saving is just one aspect of the broader need to address our “human ecology” within an industrial culture.
We are looking for someone with passion to help us grow our marketing.
This role requires a passionate self-starter who is interested in regenerative living. The role is multi-dimensional covering work on our website and related social media, as well as off-line events, publications, and coming up with new ideas.
 Skills you will ideally have:
        be a good writer
        website content management (word press)
        basic or advanced marketing knowledge
        well organised and project deadline orientated
        quick and creative thinker
        excel, word, power point skills
        team player
        fast learner
        mail chimp experience
purple sicilian cauliflower
    help with the co-ordination of yearly marketing plan
    assist with daily maintenance and content contribution (blogs/photos) of website
    social media, Facebook, youtube, twitter
    support on simple film and photo shoots
    share our blogs on other sites with high traffic

If you are interested in this role please email your resume and cover letter to [email protected]