Small Farm Design Workshop

Small Farm Design Workshop


7-9th April 2014: Tutors Bob and Taiamai Corker

Covers design of a small farm to provide for a livelihood for one family, based on regenerative biological agriculture, direct sales, value added on site processing


The purpose of the workshop is to :-

Give an understanding of a generic design pattern that could be applied to any small farm situation.  In this case the example of how this will be done focuses on a particular farm  – Thorny Croft.

  • Review of design  structure and its application
  • Site/Context observation
  • Client observation
  • Base plan
  • Understanding of the use of water, its sourcing, reticulation and end use
  • Understanding of soil patterns
  • Understanding of animal patterns
  • Understanding of Management Intensive Grazing
  • Understanding of people patterns
  • Holistic management
  • Brainstorm strategies/connections/integration
  • Concept Plan (options)
  • Priorities
  • Research and detailed design