Sponsor a student

Our Student Sponsorship program provides the opportunity for students to attend one of our courses or internships by connecting these students with sponsors around the world. The students eligible for sponsorships, once sponsored would attend one of our permaculture, appropriate technology or alternative building courses or internships at Koanga Institute.  To be considered for a sponsorship, our students must demonstrate a strong commitment to their education., and to their communities to whom they will take their new skills and knowledge.

How do I sponsor a student?

For a sponsorship, the sponsors can choose how much they wish to contribute, once the full course costs are sponsored the student is enrolled on one of our courses. A sponsorship covers tuition fees, meals and camping accommodation for that student. Sponsors receive a monthly update and end of course report from their student.

If you would like to partially or fully sponsor a student, meet our students here.

How does a sponsorship help my student?

A number of students cannot afford their course fees, yet education with Koanga Institute would make a huge difference to their life and the life of their communities that they can effect in a positive way with their newfound knowledge. Whilst Koanga provides a number of opportunities for these students, remaining funding is needed to help other students.All students profiled here have already been vetted by us and we consider that sponsoring them will add a lot to the community they choose to work in upon completion of their learning

A sponsorship covers the cost of a student’s course fees, allowing him or her to continue their education uninterrupted and without the same financial burden.

Additionally, course fees support Koanga Institute by assisting with teachers’ salaries, course materials, food costs for students, and so on.  By sponsoring a student, you aren’t just allowing that student to attend our courses–you are also creating a leader to take back new knowledge on living self sufficiently to their community, and supporting the Koanga Institutes visionary Regenerative Living Education program, which in turn supports the saving of our heritage food plants

How can I make a personal connection with my student?

After we receive and process your sponsorship request, you will receive a personal letter from the student. All sponsors receive an end of course report  from their student.