Top Bar Beekeeping Workshop

Top Bar Beekeeping Workshop


12 – 13 April 2014


Tutors: Tamsin Leigh


We will explain and explore the advantages and disadvantages of top bar and ‘conventional’ bee-keeping, and spend hands-on time in the Koanga apiary learning about top-bar management. There will be fun power-points on beekeeping through history, hive designs, seasonal management and problem-solving, and honeybee health (including pest-control, planting a bee-friendly garden, and how to make bee-products like mead and candles). We will have demo-hives, design time, discussions, doco-watching, honey harvesting and tasting (woot),  solar wax melting,  and plenty of time for everyone to get to know our busy girls. The weekend focus will be on designing for a bee-centric, organic approach to keeping bees in New Zealand, that anyone can utilise, in the journey toward healthier and naturally resilient colonies. The course is weather dependent, so please provide contact details so we can be in touch in case of postponement.