Trust Vision

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Below are :-

  1. the stated purposes in the Trust Deed, and
  2. additional Purpose Statements /Mission/ and Major Goals which are referred to in the Trust Deed

The whole Trust Deed can be shared by contacting [email protected]


1.  Trust Deed Purposes

 3.1The purposes of the trust are as follows:

(a) To establish and maintain a collection of New Zealand heritage food plants (along with the records of their history and culture) to ensure their survival and availability for future generations both as a resource for cultivation and genetic diversity, and as a Taonga for the benefit of the public of New Zealand generally.

(b) To establish and maintain educational and research  facilities to support the  **regenerative development of the natural and cultural resources of Aotearoa/New Zealand for the benefit of the public of New Zealand generally.

(c)  To maintain; a Purpose Statement, a Mission Statement,  and annually updated Major Goals, and Plans that clearly expresses how the Koanga Institute  will achieve its  purposes in 3.1 (a) and 3.1 (b) above.

** – The term “regenerative” describes processes that restore, renew or revitalize their own sources of energy and materials, creating sustainable systems that integrate the needs of society with the integrity of nature.


 Purpose/Mission/Major Goals

 Purpose Statement :  To model integrated regenerative living systems  and human ecologies, so as to inspire and support others to create similar expressions in their lives.


Mission Statement :  We will develop the resources of the Koanga Institute Inc. in a way that supports

• inspirational research, education and community  outreach

• a regenerative, entrepreneurial, community supporting economy

• the enhancement of the natural environment


Major Goals  (2014/2015)

  1.  To secure the land requirements (Home Block, Hill Block and River Block) at 96 Kotare Road Wairoa; though grants, donations, equity investment,  and (only if   necessary) secured mortgage finance.
  2. To continue growing, maintaining and distributing our heritage plant collections.
  3. To expand our membership and sales, to create a viable  trading surplus
  4. To develop the educational facilities at Wairoa,  and elsewhere, including :
  • Improved teaching, and hosting facilities for students.
  • accommodation facilities for interns and apprentices
  • a development plan for improving and expanding our educational programs
  • a registered campsite for casual visitors.

5. To develop the  capacity of our research facilities including:-

  • continued  research into the health benefits  and  commercial applications of  heritage genetics.
  • continued  research into the health benefits  and  commercial applications of nutrient dense food production
  • continued  research into the applications of appropriate technologies
  • a development plan for improving and expanding  our research programs including appropriate archival storage and laboratory facilities.

6. To continue developing our commercial nursery  production for trees and vegetative reproduction.

7. To develop our design and consultancy services for applications that align with our Purpose.

8. Research  into and development of additional commercial and partnership relationships between the Institute               and the wider community including:-

  • developing programs with schools and other educational institutes in NZ.
  • expanding the use of our Trade Mark brand

9.  To develop  additional legal structures and policies  for the property which will facilitate a more integrated                      economy and community, while maintaining the security of  our tenure  and assets  including :-

  • the development of individually owned housing within a clustered village
  • common land for village development and support services
  • availability of resources for both co-operative  and individual entrepreneurial enterprises
  • use of income from sales of leases to develop the Institute and the property so that it is self-supporting.

10.  To outline a development program for the property including :-

  • housing for existing Institute staff and the additional people required for the expanded program of the Institute
  • additional housing for  attracting entrepreneurs and self employed settlers to the village who are aligned with the Purpose Statement
  • improved facilities to support the expanded research and educational program including milk, meat and egg production,  vegetable production, food processing
  • general economic development for the balance of the property