Urban Garden


Background to the Urban Garden Project

The Urban Garden Project began as a design process we set for our students and ourselves. It was part of a research project to see just how much of our daily dietary needs ( according to the Weston Price Foundation) a family could grow for themselves in an urban situation.  Students from different PDCs came up with many different and wonderful ideas the best of which were used to design an actual working garden the size of a typical urban garden. This exciting project is designed to demonstrate what can be achieved in an urban garden situation and to inspire. Read more here...

Urban Garden Video

This video was made for our crowd funding campaign which is now finished but gives a great introduction to the project.

What's happening now in the Urban Garden?

In November 2017 Whitney and Ben became our new Urban Gardeners. Here you will find short films updating their progress as the season progresses

December 2017 Read about progress in Benjamin's first blog

January in the Urban Garden blog

February in the Urban Garden blog

Short films

We've had great fun filming different aspects of the Urban Garden. Check out the films below for heaps of information and ideas

We have been featured by Twinkl