Village Development Manager

Title:     Village Development Manager, Kotare Village Wairoa     22.11.12-180-1024x682

We are developing a self-reliant village in northern Hawkes Bay, NZ. The core features are:

  • 120-150 people living in on 90 hectares, in approximately 50 dwellings within three housing clusters, each with its own ‘village green’ and common facilities
  • Plan to purchase the land and place it in a charitable trust
  • Koanga Institute serving students at its Research & Education Centre, taking a leading role in the development of the village and its economy
  • Regenerative development, using the best practices of biological agriculture, appropriate technology, and community development
  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) style farm(s) to sustain us and offer economic resilience                                                                                                                        forest garden
  • A village co-operative to develop resources and livelihoods, and an association for democratic management of the village commons.
  • Use of a comprehensive constitution to provide governance and management, including individual leases of house sites and resources

We have an exciting new opportunity for someone to get involved with managing the village development.

Job Purpose:  The Village Development Manager oversees the management of the team that is responsible for developing Kotare Village.   The primary purpose of this role is to drive the planning and development of an integrated village development. This includes attracting and retaining investors, pioneers and settlers.

Key responsibilities:

  • To lead the program for designing, developing, marketing and settling the Kotare Villagerocket oven and barrel oven
  • To further develop the program and policies  in agreement with the CEO and the  Board of trustees
  • To identify delegated roles for other managers and staff, produce job descriptions for these, and hire and manage appropriate people.
  • To communicate the program to all staff, and prospective settlers on behalf of the company
  • To have regular reviews of the performance of delegated roles to receive and give feedback
  • To advise on the progress of the program to the CEO and the board of directors, and take directions from the CEO for any changes or additions.
  • To have monthly meetings with the CEO and at other times  as agreed
  • Develop and regularly update  budget for Board approval and manage organization’s resources within those budget guidelines according to current laws and regulations
  • To be responsible for defining and meeting clear and attainable project objectives, including cost, time, quality and scope)
  • To ensure the Village and its programs are consistently presented in a strong, positive way to                    IMG_4933-001                                                    prospective settlers and stakeholders
  • Ensuring good relationships with other Institute teams
  • Ensuring a high level of customer service and satisfaction
  • Liaison with the CEO and Trustees on monthly, quarterly and annual status reports.
  • Other duties as requested from time to time
  • Ensuring all aspects of the organisation is aligned with the kaupapa.

Experience required:

  • 5 years plus of management experience
  • project management experience (ideally including building)
  •  diversified skill-set- understanding of Human Resources policies, management, marketing, sales, building, engineering
  •  Excellent computer skills and proficient in excel, word, outlook,  and powerpoint
  •  Excellent communication skills both verbal and written
  •  Demonstrated leadership and vision in managing staff groups and major projects or initiatives.
  •  Excellent interpersonal skills and a collaborative management style.

What we offer:

  •     A voice in the formation of the Village;
  •     The opportunity to attend some of educational courses, internships and apprenticeships
  •     With some sweat equity and Village assistance, build your own house in one of the Village clusters as the development proceeds;
  •     Enjoy a rewarding lifestyle and see the benefits of your contribution;
  •     Help create and enjoy community;
  •     Access to resources to develop your own business inside the Cooperative as the Village becomes established. You may also join or be invited to participate in other cooperative ventures; and
  •     Learn from others with experience across other disciplines for secondary skills or simply for your own satisfaction.

If you are looking for a full time job with full pay then we most likely won’t be able to accommodate you. As mentioned, we see this work fitting in around a candidate’s life and there are no fixed hours/time. However, the work needs to be done in a timely and professional way.

If this job sounds of interest to you, please email your cv and cover letter to [email protected]