What to plant now

Get your seeds now so you are ready for your main Spring seed sowing after the New moon on September the 2nd!!!!

This month you need to order the following perennials that are planted as annuals from the back order section on our website. If you want to be in, these are all rare and hard to get and sell out…….artichokes and yams,….and this is also the last easy month to plant heritage potatoes and have them in early enough to avoid the psyllid, also from the same place on our website.

The following seeds can also be planted in September:-

Lettuce, silver beet/chard, orach, Japanese spinach, Bloomsdale spinach, broccoli, cabbage, cauli, kale, tatsoi, Asian mesclun greens, Henry’s Chinese cabbage, Red Coral mizuna, courgettes, carrots, beetroot, daikon, turnips, salsify, scorzonera, and under cover for early crops

tomatoes, eggplants and peppers., and in the warmest areas dwarf beans to go out under cloches, and early corn.

See our moon calendar for more details and times… have a good one from the Koanga Team