White fleshed peaches – delicious and nutritious!

Everybody who has eaten the old white fleshed peaches knows they are the best!

Not only do we know they taste the best but Jo Robinson in Eating On The Wild Side  tells us that is where the nutrition is… they are more nutritious than yellow fleshed peaches.

Mary's Xmas, stunning white fleshed peaches ripe for Xmas

Our River peaches  are the original peaches that came from Tibet, and are the same peaches that are grown in Kazakstan and all over Central Asia, they are genetically  stable and grow true to seed. They came to this land with the very early ship captains  and we had  large peach orchards at least around Northland when the first missionaries arrived.

They have now  been through a process of human and natural selection for over 150 years and here at Koanga we believe they are way the best peaches around. They are not great for commercial production because they have have not been selected to keep for long periods , and often bruise easily, and sometimes don’t even look that flash… but they are awesome for home gardeners and people who acre about their health….. they  taste the best, are the easiest to grow organically by far, have the heaviest crops and are actually able to nourish us.

They are the real deal… the best peaches in the world,  if you don’t have one in your garden you are missing something very special.