Wiltshire Horns

‘The Wiltshire Horn is one of the oldest known British sheep breeds. As its name implies, its most noticeable characteristic are their large horns. Both ewes and rams are horned. Its clean face and legs feature a black nose and hoofs, while the fleece is markedly lighter and shorter with little wool around the tail area. A feature of the Wiltshire is that it sheds its fleece annually (an atavistic trait shown by some of our “feral” breeds).

The Wiltshire Horn was developed centuries ago on the dry, open, south-eastern downs of Wiltshire where it had to forage for herbage – and in so doing had to travel long distances, climb agilely, and endure extremes of climate, particularly the summer heat. These are characteristics it has not lost.’

Here at Thorny Croft we have been organically managing and breeding our Wiltshire Horns for over 16 years, with our main breed selection being around hardiness on rough, poorly mineralised hill country pastures, fleece length (before shedding), horn shape (sweeping away from the eyes, and twining. We don’t dock their tails and we don’t crutch them either. We supplement them with Stock Minerals from Environmental Fertilisers.