Wish List

We would really appreciate your assistance, can you give away new, surplus or used goods to Koanga Institute?  We have a number of items we are currently searching for, we are also interested in hearing about other items you may have that may be useful.

Here is our current wishlist:


  • Greenhouse glass, for  garden coldframes, greenhouses.
  • Microscope 400x with a light, to come to ‘grips’ with understanding the critters that are doing the work for us in our biological systems, particularly for compost tea making
  • Windows and doors, always handy for our building projects
  • Roofing iron, good quality 2nd hand,again for our building projects
  • Timber, building projects
  • Netting, small enough to retain chicken, for the fencing of our forest garden project
  • Caravans, always in need of temporary accommodation for students, interns, and visitors
  • Spouting metal, repairs to the farmhouse roof
  • Paint, all the projects will need a lick of paint
  • Good quality old tools (garden and workshop), to beef up our workshop
  • Corn shuckers, shucks where would one be without a cornshucker,
  • Chaff cutters, we’ve lots of coarse materials that need chopping up either for composting or making light earth building infills
  • Grit mill, great for dealing with recycling of bones and shells
  • Metal drums, we use lots of these for making rocket stoves and general storage
  • Food grade barrels, handy for bulk storage of seeds, and food for the kitchen when we have big numbers
  • Working computers and printers, always handy
  • Old crocs for ferments, wooden or ceramic with or without lids, never enough ferments.